1800 to xxxx

  • 1803

Dunraven castle was built to replace Dunraven House.



  • 1810

The drapery shop London House was founded by Henry Verity in High Street, now Dunraven Place   - I remember the shop in my younger days.


  • 1821

The building of a new traffic bridge over the river Ogmore, just upstream of the old bridge, was commenced by the laying of the foundation stone by Mr. W. Kirkham.


  • 1822

A new road, Park Street, to bypass the very steep Newcastle Hill was opened. This linked to the new traffic bridge and marked the beginning of the growth on the modern Bridgend.


  • 1828

The opening of the horse drawn Duffryn Llynvi and Porthcawl railroad which would carry coal from the upper Llynfi Valley to the new dock at Porthcawl.


  • 1830

Bridgend Railway