1500 to 1699


  • 1536

After the dissolution, the Rectory and tithes of Newcastle were sold to Sir Rice Mansel and remained part of Margam Estate until redemption of the tithes.


  • 1541

Sir Arnold Butler of Dunraven died as last of the male Butler line who had owned the Manor of Dyndryfan since the first Arnold le Boteler received it from Maurice de Londres in the mid 12th Century.


  • 1578

Bridgend was included in a list of "seven dangerous places in Glamorgan" compiled by Rhys Meurig.


  • 1584

Queen Elizabeth's Commission held at Bridgend on 28th September to inquire into ownership of former Church lands.


  • 1621

Death of Barbara Gamage, Countess of Leicester, the Last of the Gamage line of Coity.


  • 1632

There is reference to a livestock and cattle market in Bridgend which was probably held in High Street, which is now part of Dunraven Place. there was also a provision market there.


  • 1637

A great survey of the Manor of Ogmore held at the Court House of Ogmore Castle on behalf of the King via the Royal Duchy of Lancaster, of which Ogmore had been part since 1322.


  • 1675

A Welsh trust report showed that there were 20 pupils enrolled at its Charity School in Bridgend.


  • 1648

Royalist Forces defeated at the bloody Battle of St. Pagans on 8th May. Colonel Horton, Commander of the victorious Parliamentary army, sent his dispatch and report on the Battle to the Speaker of the House of Commons from Bridgend.

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